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Alie & Me started as a hobby for me…I’ve always liked fashion and being creative with my clothes and mostly my accessories. I always liked unique one of a kind products and I always try to put my personal touch in them by personalizing as much as I can to make my things be a part of me.

I created a clutch line that can be elegant and fun at the same time a collection that the client can say and express whatever they feel! a personal and unique mark of who they are by writing a name, quote or significant word with different types of letter in the bag!

Alie & Me clutches are a true statements and for sure, a conversation piece!! We carry 2 sizes to choose from, for everyone’s personal needs. The materials I use for my clutches are the best ones available. Shiny or plain. gold, silver, black/white pearl, white marble, pink, and black are just a few of the variations of the Acrylics.

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“What makes Alie & Me unique is the Quartz we put on top of the clutch. The Cold stone Quartz is an instant “wow” and makes the bag as unique and different from any clutch available on the market.”

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